Welcome to App-Enhance's documentation!#

App-Enhance is a set of boilerplate/extensions libraries for any .Net application. All code is based on .Net Core and .NETStandard Library 1.5. It tries to cover and simplify many common use cases which you can encounter when you create real applications. They are dependency injection, events, messaging, transactions and persistence.

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Project structure#

Area Repository Packages
Dependency injection ae-di AE.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions
Events ae-core ?
Transactions ae-core ?
Messaging ae-core ?
Persistence ae-core ?
Domain Driven Design ae-core ?

The main rules which ennoble libraries created in this project are: simplicity of code, extensibility, Less coupling, IoC based and very lightweight

Get involved#

If you have an interesting idea, any suggestions or bug report please add issue/PR to specific repository but before pushing new feature or improvement please read Contributing